Power and Energy

Sri Lanka is now on the path towards becoming an internationally competitive middle-income country. Power and energy sector development plan is aligned to the country’s development drive, and has been prepared to provide affordable, high quality and reliable energy for all citizens, rich or poor, equally by conserving country’s precious natural environment, giving priority to the indigenous energy sources, and minimizing regional disparities in energy service delivery. Therefore, Southtec has captured the full potential of all renewable and other indigenous resources in order for Sri Lanka to become a nation self-sufficient in energy, and has identified many projects in this sector.

We provide our service through pre-qualification, tender, negotiation and execution phase, both for New Plants and for Rehabilitations, Plant Conceptual and Basic Design, Feasibility Studies, Tender Documents Preparation and Cost Estimation, Economic Analysis and Investment Plans, Engineering Support to R&D activities, Due Diligences, Energy Audit and Energy Management, Rehabilitation Studies, Preparation of Document Required for Plant Licensing, Project Management, Site Management and Technical Supervision to Construction, Commissioning and Testing.