Roads, Highways and Metro Rails

The challenge of roads and highway design covers a vast range of skills which we are capable of in planning stage, demand analysis and forecasting, economic analysis, prioritization, and budgeting. Route assessment requires topographical, geological and hydrological study, together with the selection of a suitable geometric design. Social and environmental aspects must be considered such as maintaining access for communities, land acquisition and resettlement planning, and mitigation of impact or avoidance of sensitive locations. Coordination with bridge designers is required to select crossing locations and fix horizontal and vertical alignment. Interchange layouts and intersection design also affect the alignment selection. Finally, detailed design is required for earthworks, slope protection and retaining walls, longitudinal and cross drainage, pavement, safety facilities and signs, traffic signals, facilities, and intelligent transport systems.


Metro Rails

Southtec offers a comprehensive consultancy service to the construction industry for all types of building projects from its inception through the design and documentation to contract administration and project management. Sri Lanka being one of the highest growing nation in South East Asia, faces new challenges in urban transportation and traffic mitigation. In catering for this fast growing demand, Sri Lanka is looking for implementation of new transport systems in metro regions. Light Rail Transit (LRT) systems and Metro Rail Transit (MRT) systems are two key areas been proposed to implement in Sri Lanka where Southtec Engineering Consultants have expertise in executing such projects. Our services in this field further include feasibility analysis, demand analysis and forecasting, route assessments, geometric design, structural design and design consultancy. In these projects, the social and environmental impact is considerably high hence necessary attention should be given in the implementation and Southtec excels in these situations.